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  • 2012-03-16
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Clinical observation of ambroxol hydrochloride in the treatment of secretory otitis media

ntrolgroup. Conclusion: AmbroxolhydroehlorideeaRstimulatethesecretionofsurfaceactivesubstanceandreducethepossibilityofEustachiantubebeinginfected. KeywordsAmbroxolhydroehloride; Otitismedia; Eustachiantube; Surfaceactivesubstance color Doppler energy map of hypertension renal blood flow changes Results analysis of the Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital of the B-room (530 023) Liuxue Ling Lei Bei Zhang Lanhua Abstract Objective: To evaluate color Doppler The speed of the energy diagram of renal blood flow determination of the diagnostic value of hypertensive renal damage. Methods: The application of color Doppler energy map 2o normal subjects and 45 patients with hypertension,UGGs kopen online, renal blood flow in check. Results: With the development of the course of hypertension,Franklin Marshall pas cher, hypertension in renal blood flow filling in descending. Segment renal artery,mac eyeshadows replica, interlobar artery peak systolic blood flow velocity (Vmax),uggs online, the late blood flow velocity (Vmin) reduced resistance index (RI) increased compared with the control group,nike air force, significant difference (P <0.05 or P <0.01). Conclusion: Hypertension of renal blood flow changes in the course of hypertension are closely related. Keywords color Doppler energy map of hypertensive renal hemodynamic the CLC IL544.1 In this paper, color Doppler energy image detected 20 cases of normal and l6 patients with essential hypertension in patients with renal artery hemodynamic parameters, to investigate the diagnostic value of color Doppler energy map of hypertensive kidney damage and provide help for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. 1 Materials and Methods 1.1 General information: 45 cases of hypertensive patients to our hospital in-patients, a small number of outpatients. All patients blood glucose with